Hallenstein’s going strong

It’s no secret that the retail sector is a tough one to be in for most players at the moment. The strength of online shopping and the inevitable competition arising from international competitors makes it even more difficult. International retailers such as ASOS are spreading their reach world wide in an attempt to increase income.

To compete effectively against these huge multinational companies, local businesses must adapt to survive. One such company which has effectively adapted to the new world is Hallenstein Brothers. The company has been able to achieve excellent results of the past couple of years and look like they will continue their great growth.

The company also exhibits great signs of a company achieving success. These indicators include a low staff turnover, great customer satisfaction numbers and good financial results.

Hallenstein’s has attributed their great success to a country wide training program focused on ensuring the company moved forward together in a consistent manner. Hallenstein’s offers a great product and attracts customers by offering sales and incentives (such as a Hallensteins coupon). The company is expanding it’s operations and is starting to increase it’s sales in Australia.

The Vistaprint story

One of factor is advertising dollars bricks and mortar stores are now spending online. Increasing their advertising has taken some traffic away from internet retailers.

During the online revolution in America, one thing that was never really done well was online printing for small business who could not afford or did not require mass printing services. This was how VistaPrint was born.

The company provides an affordable printing service to small businesses however are now expanding into promotional material and marketing services. It was founded in 1995 and has now grown to become one of the largest online printing companies in the world.

The company was founded in Paris by Robert Keane who remains as the current CEO of the company. When it first started, the company only printed business cards before expanding itís product line to postcards and stamps. The company then decided to go public in 2005 and is now publicly traded on the US stock exchange. During this time the company has been able to achieve phenomenal growth of over 50% each year.

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Penfolds Grange 2008

One of the big wine releases each year is the world famous Penfolds Grange 2008. This years release has been one of the most anticipated releases for some time for the Grange range as the 2008 vintage has received industry wide acclamation.

The wine has received many 100 point scores from critics around the world and this has increased the hype surrounding the wines release. There has also been huge demand for the wine from overseas customers and this has influenced the price of the wine with Penfolds raising the price by $100 to $785 per bottle.

On the morning of the release, Magill Estate opened their doors at 7.3am and many were purchasing the wine at the recommended price of $785.

This price did not hold for long however, with retail chains such as Dan Murphy’s and other stores dropping the price down to $650 within the hour, sparking a price war. The price has now settled at $643.

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